Backup Solutions


Prevent Data Loss

Your business can be seriously impaired or destroyed by data loss. Your files can easily be lost by a computer virus, a hard disk crash, in a fire, flood or by theft. If your hard disk crashes, recovery might be possible but can be very costly (up to $2500) and time-consuming. A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan is vital.

Do you have a backup plan? A lot of businesses realise they don’t have their data backed up when it is too late.
 A backup solution doesn’t have to be costly. It can range from simple external hard disks to a fully
 managed backup solution. But things to consider are:

  • What do you need to back up ( Database, Outlook files, MYOB files and templates)?
  • How often do you backup (daily, weekly)?
  • What media do you backup to ( External HDD, USB thumb drives, DVD, Server)?
  • How to rotate the backup and how long to keep your data?
  • How you verify the success of your backup?
  • In case of data loss, how quick can you recover your data?

Ren's IT Solutions Recommendations

For a Single Computer:

A local backup to at least two external hard drives. Have one hard drive connected to your computer and the other one away from the premises and swap them weekly.

For the backup management software we recommend EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation to be installed on your computer. This software allows you to configure scheduled backups, email notifications, cloud backup and much more.

For Multiple Computers:

A local backup from every computer to a network attached storage (NAS). A NAS is a networked file-server that can be used as a central backup drive. You need external hard drives as well.

Again have one external hard drive connected to your NAS and the other one away from the premises and swap them weekly. This gives you an external weekly backup away from your premises.

For the backup management software we recommend EaseUSTodo Backup Workstation to be installed on every computer.

For Servers:

The best option is to store all your important files on the server. The server then needs to be backed up. Again, you need at least two, preferably more, external hard drives and swap them at set intervals.

For the software recommend EaseUS Todo Backup Server. This version of software has some extra server specific functions. Note: Your server is most likely fitted with a RAID array, however a RAID array is no substitute for a backup solution.

Cloud Backup:

All these above mentioned solutions can be enhanced with a cloud backup solution. A cloud solution is an addition and not a replacement for a local backup.

Please contact us. We will evaluate your computers, network and backup needs. After the evaluation is complete, we can offer you a tailored backup solution that suits your requirements and your budget. We recommend QNAP NAS for the storage device and EaseUS Todo Backup for the backup and restore software.