Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is part of running a website. Online threats are big issues today and include nuisances like comment spam, excessive bot crawling and more serious threats like denial of service (DOS) attacks and SQL injection. You should have your website regularly updated with the latest security patches.Your hosting service may be very reliable, but they could lose your website in an adverse event like system crash, flood or fire. You should make regular backups of your website including files, pictures and databases.

Ren’s IT Solutions are offering the following services to keep your website running smoothly.

1. Basic WordPress Website Maintenance

  • Update WordPress, plugins and themes.
  • Backup website and database.
  • Remove comment spam.
  • Check security alerts, settings and logs.

Starting from $45 *

2. WordPress Maintenance and Security Update.

  • Update WordPress, plugins and themes.
  • Create on-site backup plan for website and database.
  • Create cloud backup plan (Drop Box, Amazon S3, Rackspace) for website and database. **
  • Check security alerts, settings and logs.
  • Remove comment spam.
  • Install security plugins
  • Configure plugins to restrict access
  • Create new user and administrator account
  • Disable default “admin” account.

Starting from $99 *

3. Changes to Website

  • Add and change content.
  • Add pages and posts.
  • Optimise and upload pictures.
  • Remodel your WordPress website. This can be from a simple colour or font change to a complete overhaul of your website.

Please call us for pricing

* Provided we have access to your website, your site is running and all plugins and extensions are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. If we have to install replacement plugins, extra costs would apply.

The Basic WordPress Maintenance includes one backup set to the storage area of your hosting company. If this is not possible, due to limited storage allocation by the hosting company, we need to add an external storage like Drop Box, extra costs would apply.

Cloud backup may result in extra bandwidth charges from your hosting company if you exceed your bandwidth allowance. You may contact your hosting company or we can contact your hosting company on your behalf.

** You need to have an account with Drop Box, Amazon S3 or Rackspace. We can help you with setting up an account.

 All prices in AUD including GST