Cloud Computing

cloud-computingWith cloud computing you don't have to buy and support hardware like servers. All your applications like email, accounting systems CRM's and files are hosted in remote data-centres. Some people don’t trust the cloud and worry about security. However data centres are by nature more secure than a house or a small business. With a well designed backup solution you are in control of your data.

Hosting your IT Infrastructure

Do you have a server farm in your office?

You may have your accounting systems, CRM's and ERP's installed on local servers.

Servers need to be constantly updated with the latest anti-virus and software patches. Servers are also prone to hardware failures, disk crashes and power outages.

You need to keep paying an IT specialist to keep them maintained.

In many cases you can deploy your applications into the cloud, saving you maintenance cost and reducing downtime.

Ren's IT Solutions can help you with the set up and migration.




Hosting your Emails

Your emails are most likely hosted by your web hosting company. The speed and reliability varies greatly between web hosting companies. The cheaper ones tend to be slow and may not include features like IMAP.

Larger companies may have in-house solutions that need to be maintained.

For your email hosting we recommend G Suite.

G Suite is a cloud-based messaging and collaboration application that include:

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google Cloud Connect
  • Google Groups
  • Google Sites
  • Google Video and more

Since G Suite is cloud-based, new features and improvements are being added as 
they become available.
 There is no need to install security updates and service  packs, like in a traditional server-based
 solution. Gmail has powerful spam filters so you don’t have to waste time sorting your emails from spam.

G Suite works with a variety of smartphones, including BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and
 Windows Mobile devices.

Ren's IT Solutions can set up a G Suite account for you and migrate your existing emails to your new account.

Hosting your Website

In most cases your website is already hosted in the cloud. There are countless web hosting companies ready to host your website and email. Your website can be hosted on a shared, virtual or dedicated server.

For a simple website a shared host may be adequate. For a busy e-commerce site a virtual or dedicated server may be more appropriate. Read more

For your hosting needs we can assist you with the right hosting provider and plan that fits your needs and budget.








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