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IT Solutions for Small Business

The importance of IT Solutions for Small Business cannot be understated. You may consider or are in the process of setting up your own small business. Setting up your own business is a monumental task by itself. Many business owners don’t put too much effort and planning into IT and

Web Hosting Demystified

To be able to display your website on the Internet you need to have it hosted on a web server. A web server is a computer programmed to publish websites. There are an abundance of  hosting providers, offering different web hosting services and packages. It can be very confusing to

WordPress – the Best Choice for Your Website

WordPress is the web software of choice for many businesses.There are very good reasons why. WordPress started as a simple blogging platform in 2003, but has been developed into mature, stable and SEO friendly content management system (CMS). This article is about a brief overview of WordPress and is not