Using Microsoft Outlook with Gmail

I have been using Gmail for a while and I am pleased the way it works. Gmail has a lot of advantages like excellent search functions, large storage and the fact it is web-based. Like many other users, I still like to use my own mail client, like Microsoft Outlook. The good news is Gmail and Outlook can be combined quite easily.
Google has a good step for step tutorial how to set it up and there are many other guides on the Web but I would add a few more steps. This guide is referring to Outlook 2007 but other versions are very similar.
Step 1:
Log into your Gmail account
Go to settings (on the right top of the screen)
Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP
Check the box for POP and IMAP
This is used to enable Outlook to receive mail from Gmail
If you using Gmail from different computers or smart phones you should enable IMAP only.
You can leave the setting page now.
Step 2:
You now have to set-up your Microsoft Outlook on your PC.
Open your Outlook and go to Tools, Account Settings, New
Select the first box and click Next
In user Information: type your name and email address (the one you use in your Gmail Account)
In Server Information select
Account Type IMAP
Incoming Server
Outgoing Server
In the Logon Information type
[email protected] (your Gmail user name)
Password (your Gmail password)
Tick the box Remember password

Select More settings
Select Outgoing Server
Tick the Box My server requires (SMTP) authentication
Select Advanced Settings Check the server port numbers
Incoming server (IMAP) set to 993
Encrypted connection set to SSL
Outgoing Server (SMTP) set to 587
Encrypted connection set to TLS
Select OK

On the first screen Select Test account settings
This will test the connection. If there are no errors, this stage of the setup is complete. If there are errors check for misspelled words, wrong passwords, wrong port numbers.
The setup is functional at this stage, but to improve the performance, some additional settings are required.
Step 3:
Select Tools, Options, Mail Setup, Send/Receive
Under Send/receive Groups select Edit
Select Download Headers for subscribed folders
Select Tools, Options, Junk E-mail
Select No automatic Filtering and un-tick all other boxes
Gmail has a good Spam filtering system. There is no need to filter the messages again. It may conflict with Gmail. You may check your email now. All your messages and sub folders will download now. It can take a while for the first time until all folders are synchronized.
With IMAP, the messages are kept on the server and are being synchronized with the local messages. You can set up several computers or laptops just the same way and your email messages are always synchronized.